Common Sense: Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right ... here I am

By Brent Davis, editor of The Saline Courier

It is my studied opinion that no decade had better music than the 70s. The exception would be that timeless carryover from the 60s - the Beatles, a group that actually belongs to every generation since.
Baby boomers will recognize the chorus in the headline above from the song "Stuck in the Middle With You" made popular by the group Stealers Wheel in 1973. However, I am certain that political junkies will fire up the bandwagon and jump upon the soapbox to declare this very same headline is a personal attack upon the Democratic and Republican parties. Rest assured, if it was my intent to impune politicians, this would be the very headline I would pick. In a larger sense and upon deeper reflection, the headline does, in fact, ring true.
Think about it for a moment. Whenever radicals of any sort or affiliation are mentioned, it is always the extreme of both parties that is targeted as proof.
To the extreme left are those considered to be "tree huggers," "environmentalist wackos," "socialists," and "wealth re-distributors."
To the extreme right of the political spectrum are those considered to be "birthers," "big oil fat cats," "elitist," and "corporate yes-men."
Stuck in the middle are the rest of us. Those who believe that issues don't require a side to be taken other than the one that leads to the best resolution, regardless of the person or party that has shown the temerity to use a common sense approach.
There has been a steadily growing belief that the clowns and jokers in Washington have taken over, creating gridlock and a divisive atmosphere that serves no purpose other than to bring this economy and country to its considerable knees. It may not be the intent of either party to create this scenario and all may feel their goal is best for the country. However, neither side seems to be willing to meet in the middle where the rest of us are. Remember, there is a particular destination at the end of the road of good intentions.
Currently, there are more than 207 million people eligible to vote in the United States. Of that number, 55 million are registered Republican and 72 million are registered Democrats. Independents number 42 million. This leaves a total of 169 million eligible voters who have not declared a party affiliation. A quick mathematical calculation equates that same number of nonaffiliated voters at 82 percent of eligible voters. What would happen if this group would be a bit more assertive and insist those clowns and jokers who are causing all the problems to get with the program or get out? A very interesting concept indeed.
One other song with an insightful title and lyrics was written and performed by John Lennon. "Imagine" is a classic and one of my favorites of all time. Clowns and jokers say this is a song about socialism put forth by a Communist. If this be true, I don't really care. Does it make me left wing lunatic if I like the song. Unfortunately, there will be those on the fringes that will shout from the rafters that yes, I am. And that's OK. I like the song and I would still like it, even if it had been Donald Trump as its creator. The lyrics match the melody with a simplicity of message that has powerful depth.
Just imagine, what if the clowns and jokers got out of the way, what a wonderful world this would be.