Common Sense: Easy like Sunday morning

By Brent Davis

Sunday is a day of rest. It’s the last day of the weekend. According to the Bible, it’s the day that God took time off from his creation and it was good.
It’s a day of worship, relaxation, recharging, family and friends. By its very nature, Sunday is different than the other days of the week.
So, shouldn’t your newspaper be different on Sunday also? The answer is … yes.
During the coming weeks, watch for changes in the Sunday edition of the Saline Courier. A few of the changes are already in place today.
We are very proud and happy to have Alma Joyce Hahn and her very popular column back in the paper. Her stories have been some of our most popular with readers. Her writings will be featured in our B section.
And speaking of our B section, you may have noticed a slight design change. Lynda Hollenbeck’s popular long-running column, Sense and Nonsense, is no longer buried at the bottom of page 1B. It has returned to its original home along the vertical left side of the page.
The B section will be our showcase for local people, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, births and all the other moments in time that people want to remember and save with clippings.
It’s also where we will feature local writers and columnists in addition to Alma Joyce. Joining the line-up will be Casey Penn, a local writer of extraordinary talent. She will write a column every other month. Her latest work is in the B section today, a touching combination of a tribute to her father, a memory of her past and a special moment of bonding with her daughter.
Ginger English is well known to regular readers of our newspaper. Her “Miner Memories” column is very popular and bring to life a time in our counties history when mining ruled the economy and Bauxite was a flourishing company town.
We will also have columns from Dr. Michael Pafford, titled “Amazing Nature.” He will share his knowledge of interesting facts about the world around us
Our full Sunday newspaper will become our top-of-the-line product of the week, worthy of your attention. Our stories will dig deeper and will be ones that match the mood of the day with an emphasis on relevance. We will tell stories of your friends and neighbors, people you know and people you will come to know.
We hope you will like what you see. If you do, please let us know. If you don’t, please let us know as well. We are building a paper from the readers’ point-of-view from the first page to the last.
We may be the ones writing the stories, building the ads, shooting the photographs, designing the pages, filling the news racks and delivering it to your door. But, it’s your newspaper. We won’t forget our commitment to you, our readers.
Ideas and comments are always welcome. Send them to Mail them to 321 N. Market Street in Benton. Call us at 501-315-8228. Or, stop by and see us.
Thank you for your continued support of The Saline Courier, your newspaper.

Brent Davis is editor of the Saline Courier. He can be reached at