Common Sense: Solving the world's problems, one truck bed at a time

By Brent Davis, editor of The Saline Courier

"What is your platform?" asked the beauty contest host of a pageant finalist. "I want to see world peace and an end to hunger around the world." came the response. With all due respect for beauty pageants, contestants or hosts, this particular venue is not the think tank that it appears. World problems are not solved at pageants.
They are solved around the beds of pickup trucks.
When I was growing up way back in a year I don't even want to mention because it makes me feel old, there was one ritual held at every family gathering. At some point, usually before and oftentimes after any meal, the men of the family would go outside and stand around the bed of the nearest pickup truck. To the uninitiated, it might not appear as if anything of importance was happening other than men standing in around. In fact, a quick glance would even give the impression that a conversation was being held. Looks can be very deceiving.
Here is a typical list of topics. Congress. Democrats. Republicans. Razorbacks. Local sports teams (when my extended family gathered, the Bauxite Miners were at the top of the list).
There weren't too many disagreements.
Wars could be ended by dropping the bomb, which, by the way, would bring about world peace. Congress spends way too much of our tax money. The Miners losing streak could be ended if they ran the ball up the middle more.
Matters of such weighty importance weren't always the most pressing issue of the day. More often than not, an ice chest full of fish just pulled from the river would lead the discussion toward choice of bait, time of day and location. Styrofoam spit cups sat on the rails or the rear tire hump.
I'm not sure these types of male-bonding moments exist like they used to. It's a shame.
Maybe there's an app for it?