Couponing for a cause can make a difference

Saline County Regional Solid Waste Management District's Couponing for a Cause is making progress,
A spokesperson said the district teamed up with the Benton Senior Activity Center and district volunteer Angela Howell to promote recycling while helping members of the community in need.
"So far the Benton Senior Activity Center has gathered 2,800 coupon booklets," said Sherry Parsons, director of the center.
 “The seniors are so proud to be a part of this program.  They enjoy the ability to help others,” she said.
“We extend special thanks to Ms. Mae Clark, center participant, who consistently counts, organizes and stacks all coupon booklets collected," Parsons said. "Clark also makes sure the unused paper is placed into the recycle container serviced by the district."
She also expressed appreciation to all of the seniors "who diligently work and participate with this program.  Also, a big thank you to Angela Howell for being instrumental in the organization of this recycling initiative."
"Angela volunteers her time for this program and uses her own funds to purchase these bulk items for the shelter, ” said Tai Marshall, office manager. 
She said Howell collects the coupon booklets from the Benton Senior Activity Center and she and her helpers then clip, cut and organize the coupons.  She then uses these to purchase necessities in bulk for the residents at Safe Haven.
“I believe this is for a great cause," Howell said. "I am pleased to be a part of this program and thankful to help those in need.”  Howell contacts Safe Haven to see what items are needed and then makes a delivery.
“Storage space is limited at the facility; therefore, I can’t take everything in bulk,” she said.
Items are stored safely until the shelter needs more, she added.
“The district is delighted with this program," Marshall said. "More newspapers and mail-outs are being recycled, which helps our environment; and the coupons that would have normally been someone’s trash are being put to use to help domestic violence victims in our community.
"It’s all for the greater good," Marshall said. "We appreciate everyone involved and look forward to seeing the future progress and success of this effort."
For more information on this program, contact Tai Marshall at 501.776.2533.