Dabbs seeks 3rd term on Quorum Court

Dr. Allan M. Dabbs of Bryant is seeking re-election to the District 5 Justice of the Peace position on the Saline County Quorum Court.
A self-proclaimed “Reagan Republican,” Dabbs is seeking the GOP’s nomination in the May preferential primary election.
Dabbs, owner of Back and Body Chiropractic in Bryant, brings years of civic service experience to the court, having served on the Bryant City Council in 2004-05, the Bryant Chamber board and as a reserve officer for the Saline County Sheriff's Office. He also has amassed many hours of community service.
As a business owner, Dabbs says he brings a common-sense approach to funding and budgetary issues facing the court. “I have enjoyed serving on the Finance Committee, and it is my opinion over the past few years the Quorum Court has done a fine job in appropriating monies toward projects that improve our overall county and cutting in areas that were not benefiting the overall county.”
During Dabbs' term, the court has allocated funding for better management tools for the Sheriff's Office, information technology and county road departments. "This funding has led to more efficient operations, providing the citizens of Saline County with a well-operated county government," he said.
Dabbs said he applies the same experience and knowledge when serving on the court that he does in his personal business. “Good, sound business principles are always a benefit to any organization and government should not be an exception to the law of good, sound economic policies that are proven to sustain any organization,” he said.
According to Dabbs, the biggest challenge the court faced in the past year was holding strong against increasing salary budgets and implementing the new salary rate study it adopted. “I am very proud of the fact that we have not increased the budget in four years, and we are one of only two counties in the state that does not require a tax to support county services. Through the Human Resource Committee we were able to reduce our insurance cost to the county,” Dabbs said.
Local government involvement is a family affair, as Dabbs is married to Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs.
"When I first served as an elected public servant on the Bryant City Council, it was probably Jill's encouragement and love for public service that led me to do so," he said.
When Dabbs left his seat on the Bryant City Council, Jill Dabbs considered running for his vacancy. However, her husband encouraged her to run for the mayoral position, as he believed the role was more suited to her skill set, managerial-style leadership and personality.
"I support Jill on every front behind the scenes, but she is fully capable of fulfilling her very public role of leadership in our community, and I have never doubted that one minute."
According to Allan Dabbs, the fact that both he and his wife serve in public office has no bearing on either's role in effectively serving constituents.
The business leader and public servant hopes to continue the good work currently in progress in the county, as well as furthering economic development and attracting good job opportunities.
"I want to help maintain the wonderful quality of life we all enjoy so much in Saline County," Dabbs said.
The next few years will be a critical time in managing local government budgets, according to Dabbs.
"I have enjoyed serving on the Quorum Court, and I want to ensure we remain on solid financial ground as we weather the economic challenges of our times. I am very conservative and a realist; those qualities lend themselves to good, solid leadership for any local business or local government."