DEVELOPING NEWS: 'e-Commerce' four-year degree receives final approval for UALR Benton

Benton Mayor David Mattingly has announced that the four-year 'e-Commerce' degree for UALR Benton has received final approval. Mattingly received a message from Shane Broadway, Interim Director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education that read, ""The UALR-Benton letter of notification has been reviewed and the report of the academic committee has been approved by the full board at 10:50 a.m. There were no questions or comments. Congratulations."
Mattingly expressed his gratitude to all involved with the 'e-Commerce' initiative which began in early 2011. "I am thrilled." said Mattingly. "This says a lot for the future of the city and economic development."
The Saline Courier is developing the full story for Saturday's Saline Courier.