ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Panda 2’ packing even more punch

Who says animated movies are just for the adolescent crowd? Dreamworks’ newest sequel released May 26, once again has proven that movie lovers of all ages can relate to a Kung Fu-fighting, dumpling-loving panda bear.
Yes, I love action, adventure, romance and comedy with live actors and actresses, but I have found that an amazing animation can inspire the viewer just as much, and even bring a tear to the eye. And that is exactly what Kung Fu Panda 2 brings to the screen: emotion, action, adventure, and a surprising deep plot and sophisticated characters.
Kung Fu Panda 2 picks up where the first movie left off, except Po, Jack Black, has tweaked his Kung Fu skills and even gives Master Shifu, Dustin Hoffman, a run for his money by mastering one of the last tenants of Kung Fu: inner peace. However, Po has still not learned to control his clumsiness or appetite, much to Master Shifu’s dismay.
Po has fought off hundreds of villains since we last saw him, but he must take on a new villain, which is the threat that Kung Fu may be, in fact, dying. Who is attempting to kill Kung Fu? Lord Shen, Gary Oldman, and his new modernized form of fighting off enemies, or in this case, anyone who gets in his way.
On Po’s and the Furious Five’s journey to stop this evil and hated tyrant, Po secretly wages an inner war of trying to find out who he is and where he truly came from. He decides to explore his panda roots as he begins to have flashbacks from his past and after realizing that he and his adopted father goose, Mr. Ping, don’t have much more in common than noodles.
As far as graphics, if you thought that the first movie could not be anymore visually stunning, Kung Fu Panda 2 brings this magical animal-inhabited China world to a new level of realism. Each scene is striking and loaded with nonstop action and witty dialogue that is not just for youngsters.
So, does Po find who he is? Does he stop the evil villain? You will have to see the movie to find out. And by the way, at the movie’s end there is a clue that a third Kung Fu Panda could be on its way. I know that I will be there to see it.