Everett wins 'Dealer of the Year' 2011

It's been said that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Everett Buick GMC is proving that old sayings aren't always true. For the second consecutive year, Everett has earned the designation "Dealer of the Year" for the General Motors Corp. This honor is given to only 2 percent of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac dealers in the region.
In a ceremony to mark the occasion, representatives from GM came to the Everett dealership to congratulate Susie and Dwight Everett and the staff for their accomplishments.
When asked for the secret to the success of the dealership, Dwight Everett responded, "We have the best employees who make customer service their priority. Also, we have the tremendous support of the community."
Eric Cunningham, Buick GMC Regional Manager, echoed Everett's comment. "Dwight has a strong sense of pride for his community and is that pride is a big part of the dealerships success, Cunningham said. "His pride is real and is very rare."
To receive the "Dealer of the Year" recognition, Everett Buick GMC must be a top performer in sales and customer service. Dealers also need to show a commitment to these areas on a long term basis by retaining customers and providing customers with exceptional service using Genuine GM Parts.
A total of 2,665 vehicles were purchased at Everett in 2011.
"We have a really good customer base that is very loyal to our dealership," Everett sales manager Chad Hendrix said. "We also have a great group of employees who work hard to make our customers happy. The combination of loyal customers and friendly staff, along with the support of the community, is what makes the difference for us."
"Customer service is our number one priority. We are a family-owned business with close ties and good partnerships in the county," Hendrix added
In addition to be named "Dealer of the Year," Everett Buick GMC also earned the "Mark of Excellence" as one of GM's top performers. This unique distinction is reserved for dealerships who exhibit professionalism and superior customer service, while still growing their business.
Out of GM's approxmately 4,500 dealerships across the United States, Everett was one of only 308 to receive the "Mark of Excellence" award.
Hendrix went on to say that not only had the Everett dealership in Saline County won the award but that the Everett dealership in northwest Arkansas had been selected as well. "Our two dealerships were the only two in the state to win," Hendrix said. Dan Monette, district sales manager for GM said that "the only two dealerships in Arkansas to win "Dealer of the Year" in 2011 were both Everett dealerships. I don't believe that type of situation has happened before."
Everett Buick GMC is located at 21099 Interstate 30 in Bryant, next to Target.