HSV nurse facing multiple abuse charges

Josh Briggs
Managing Editor

A Hot Springs Village nurse is facing 14 charges of abuse and neglect following her arrest Friday, which stems from a near two-month investigation.

According to court documents filed Feb. 6, Melanie Burns allegedly failed to give at least 15 patients their medications Dec. 14, 2017.

One of the victims has since died, however, not due to Burns' alleged misconduct.

Hot Springs Village Police Department received a call from Good Samaritan Nursing Home on Dec. 14, regarding the careless actions.

Officers learned that Burns had given medications to patients approximately four hours late, according to the documents.

While investigating, authorities also learned that Burns failed to administer "vital medications, which could have resulted in catastrophic failure for the patients" at all Dec. 12, after reviewing additional video footage, the records showed.

Burns was questioned by facility officials about her actions Dec. 14 and submitted a written statement.
However, when confronted about the alleged Dec. 12 incidents, Burns failed to give a written or verbal statement.

She was terminated from her job Dec. 18.

This case is also being investigated by the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

See Tuesday's issue of The Saline Courier for more information.