Lamont Cornwell accepts position with SCEDC

Mayor David Mattingly today announced a change to the city’s organization. Lamont Cornwell, the Director of Economic and Community Development is retiring effective September 5, 2014. He will be taking on a new challenge. He will become the Executive Director of the Saline County Economic Development Corporation.

“Lamont has been an important part of Benton’s success over the past 4 years,” said Mattingly, “and I am going to miss his daily presence, but I know he is not leaving our city, he is going to be working for all the citizens of Saline County.”

During Mayor Mattingly’s tenure in office, Cornwell has worked to help make the dreams of an event center, a widened and more traffic-friendly Military Road corridor, and a retail shopping center become realities. His consensus building has led to out-of-state developers, local companies and inter-departmental groups all work together to make things happen.

Cornwell came to the city after being a state legislator, a small business owner and a utility executive but more than that he came with a passion to make a difference in his home town. He has always desired a better way of life for citizens of Benton.