Livestock auction to take place at county fairgrounds

The Saline County Fair Association will sponsor the annual junior livestock auction Saturday morning at the county fairgrounds.

The event is scheduled for 10 a.m.

Mollie Wright, spokesperson for the county fair board, said the auction provides local residents and businesses an opportunity to help support youth with their projects by donating "add-on" money or purchasing the animals for pets or other uses. 

"Each year several youth between the ages of 7 and 19 from across Saline County travel to the fair for a chance to compete in the junior livestock show and sale," Wright said.

She noted that these young people "have worked all year to prepare their animals to be judged by professional livestock judges."

Youth who exhibit prize-winning animals are eligible to participate in the auction, she said.  "At the auction, the youth sell their champion livestock to raise funds to support their future livestock projects and to further their education," she explained.

Proceeds from the auction directly benefit the youth exhibitors who show cattle, swine, sheep and goats and are focused in agriculture, which, she pointed out, is "our country's backbone."

"We welcome any individual or business interested in making contributions toward their projects to donate funds to be dispensed to these youth or to purchase the live animals," she said.

"With the prices of feed and the cost of the animals, it is imperative for residents and businesses to pull together and support these youth," Wright added. "They learn how to be responsible by caring for a live animal and managing money as they take care of them.

"These life skills will go with them the rest of their lives," she added. 

Wright encouraged support for the auction.

"If you find it in your heart and pocketbook, please come out and support these kids.  You can donate 'add-on' money in person on Saturday during the auction, or by calling, 501-860-6585."

Those desiring to buy a live animal should come to the auction or call 501-860-6585 to make arrangements or to obtain more information. 

"We appreciate each and every person who assists these youth with their projects in any way," Wright said.