Neighbors suing Bryant over flooding issues

Sarah Perry
Staff Writer

During heavy rains, flooding regularly occurs in certain areas of Bryant including the street Henson Place. Because of this problem two Bryant familii are suing the city in Saline County Circuit Court, claiming that city officials have not addressed flooding issues that affect their homes.

The plaintiffs are Katherine and Joshua Roberts, who live at 2617 Henson Place, and Cynthia Wilkins of 2622 Henson Place.

Maples Development Co. is also named in the complaint.

According to the suit, Whistling Place Subdivision, which is being developed by the Maples firm, is located adjacent to the plaintiffs' homes.

"Maples Development Company's construction of a detention pond that overflows and causes substantial flooding to the plaintiff's property constitutes a nuisance that unreasonably interferes with plaintiffs' use and enjoyment of their property," according to the suit.
The neighbors claim that their properties flooded before the subdivision development.

"The plaintiffs are routinely subjected to flooding and have been since before defendant Maples Development Company started the aforementioned construction project due to the city's negligent flood and drainage control measures," according to the suit. "As defendant City of Bryant has not addressed flooding and water drainage problems with regard to the homes of the plaintiffs, in spite of several requests from the plaintiffs to do so, it has engaged in negligent conduct that has adversely affected the plaintiffs and continues to do so."

Katherine Roberts has previously addressed the Bryant City Council requesting the city purchase her home. In the suit, the neighbors are requesting the city through inverse condemnation purchase their homes.

The neighbors are also asking Circuit Judge Gary Arnold to issue an injunction prohibiting the development company from further development of the Whistling Pines Subdivision.

Bryant Staff Attorney Chris Madison said the city has made improvements to drainage issues on Henson Place and is looking into more ways to improve flooding issues.
"We have been working to resolve her issues and issues for the whole neighborhood," Madison said.

A larger drainage pipe was installed near her home perpendicular to another pipe to help with drainage in the area. Recently the city also installed street level inlets, Madison added.
In regard to the development near her home, Madison said the project was halted when the city retained engineers from FTN Associates to study how the development would affect flooding in the area.

When the engineers determined that the development would not increase flooding, the project was continued.

According to the FTN website, "our project teams include professionals with expertise in the disciplines necessary to get the job done: water resources engineering and planning; hydrogeology; hydraulics; hydrology; geology; environmental chemistry and aquatic ecology."