Nominations sought for Extraordinary People

Saline County is fortunate to have a sense of community that pays no attention to city limits or any other arbitrary boundary found on the map. It is this very same sense that doesn't require a natural disaster or catastrophe in order to find neighbor helping neighbor.
In the fall of 2011, the Saline Courier put together our first edition of Extraordinary People, a magazine that served as a mechanism to thank the incredible people in Saline County who go above and beyond everyday to help their fellow man. Nominations were submitted by people who had been touched by the generosity and kindness found among the residents of Saline County.
The inaugural list of recipients included Susie Everett, Anita McCullar, Bubba Beason, Darlene Emmons, Debra Cloud Jones, Gail Baxley, Jim Landers, Joe Ogden, Rod Ritchie, Wanda Smith, Jean Ann Moles, Ontario Richardson, and John Yates.
Now it is time to recognize the next group of Extraordinary People. Nomination forms can be found inside daily editions of the Saline Courier. If you prefer to email your nomination, please do so as well. Send the name of the person you feel deserves recognition for our Extraordinary People special edition to, along with a short narrative supporting the nomination.
We will be honoring the 12 people selected during an awards ceremony in October. Deadline for nominations is September 5.