Northshore improvement plan one step closer to reality

Benton City Council's Streets and Drainage Committee voted Tuesday night to recommend contracting with Iowa Bridge and Culvert for a drainage improvement project on Northshore Drive.

The company was the low bidder on the project.

A resolution to accept the bid will be brought before the full council on July 28.

The drainage problems on Northshore resulted from the Military Road widening project, according to Mayor David Mattingly.

Mattingly said the city was aware of the problems but they were "outside the scope" of the project, meaning at some point the design efforts had to stop and could go only so far into adjacent properties.

Bids for the Northshore project were opened June 17 and Iowa Bridge and Culvert was the lowest of the three bidders.

McClelland Engineering reviewed the bid and found no reason not to recommend the company.
The committee approved a motion to recommend that the council accept the $82,898 bid and to allow the mayor to enter into a contract with the company for the completion of the project. Costs are not to exceed $83,000.

Immediately following the Streets and Drainage Committee meeting, the council's Finance Committee met and voted to allocate funds for the completion of five street and drainage projects. The list of projects includes areas on Longview Road, Pamela Road, Princeton/Montclair, Christy Acres, and Overview Drive.

Starting in April, the committee sought to create a list of the major streets and drainage projects targeted for completion this year. With the help of city officials, the alderman narrowed the list to the previously noted areas.

The estimated cost for the completion of all the projects is $1.25 million.

An ordinance will be brought before the council to allocate the funds.

Engineering work is currently undergoing for all the projects except for Princeton/Montclair.

Members of the Finance Committee anticipate the work on the projects to occur simultaneously since all of the money will be allocated once the council approves the ordinance.