Police searching for men who stole $27,000 in iPhones from Walmart

It took about 10 minutes for two men to take 38 iPhones and a smart-phone notebook at the Bryant Walmart store early Tuesday, authorities said.
Walmart officials reportedly told officers from the Bryant Police Department that the amount of items taken is worth $26,832. Sgt. Todd Crowson said they do not know how the suspects were able to walk past the front doors without setting off any alarms.
However, Crowson said store surveillance cameras captured images of the same two suspects inside the store days before, possibly planning the Tuesday theft. Investigators are continuing to follow leads, but need the public’s help in identifying the suspects.
Crowson said it was about 4 a.m. Tuesday when the two men entered the store, walked back to the electronics section and noticed that there was no one around the area. One man walked behind the counter and, using an unknown tool, reportedly broke a lock on a large case that housed the smart phones.
Crowson said the second man then walked behind the counter and began putting the phones into his pants, “while the other man watched the main aisle for any employees.” The two men then loaded the phones into a shopping cart, covered them with a comforter that was taken from a shelf and exited the store through the grocery side front door.
In total, the two men left with 34 white iPhone 4S phones, four black iPhone 4s phones and a Samsung Galaxy Notebook.
Anyone with any information about the shoplifting incident is asked to call the Bryant Police Department at 943-0486.