Reason left the gun debate long ago

By Steve Boggs, publisher of The Saline Courier

There is much more we can do as a society to keep guns out of the hands of unstable people, if only those bent on outlawing gun ownership didn’t control the agenda.
Right now they do, and these are scary times for the Second Amendment.
I’m not much of a hunter, but I do own guns. I have a .357 revolver, given to me by father-in-law. I also own a .12-guage shotgun. Aside from target shooting, killing the occasional critter, and accompanying me when I travel, the guns don’t move much. I’m not exactly a gun enthusiast, and once upon a time I was a proponent of stricter gun control measures in this country. I’m not anymore, and here’s why.
Like with all issues, the Body Politic rests somewhere in the middle when it comes to gun control. We understand how dangerous guns can be, even in the hands of normal people. We have no problem telling the law enforcement folks what we own, the serial numbers, or anything else they need for their database. Heck, we don’t even mind waiting five days to get one. They are expensive, big ticket items and most gun owners I know do not buy them without due diligence.
Most Americans, I believe, want reasonable gun control measures. While they may not keep guns out of the hands of lunatics, these measures would certainly make guns harder to come by for those seeking to do harm. If you think that way, welcome to the Body Politic.
The issue of gun control is emotional and increasingly regional. In our part of the world, people think much differently about guns than they do in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. We use them for different reasons and we buy different types of guns. When a tragedy like Sandy Hook happens, it’s natural to want more gun control. Nobody wants that type of tragedy to ever happen again. But when gun control bubbles to the top of the news cycle like it has, the anti-gun lobby makes another run toward its objective.
There are a growing number of ardent gun control advocates, whose dedication I once underestimated, who will stop at nothing short of outlawing private gun ownership in this country. They believe in their cause and are dedicated to achieving their goals. They will never stop, either.
It took me a long time to realize that. I was once convinced that measures such as the Brady Bill were reasonable and prudent. I still believe that. However, there is no compromise when it comes to the lunatic fringe of gun control. The elimination of private gun ownership is their goal, and every inch they gain brings them closer to it
I admire their determination, mind you. They are dedicated, relentless and truly believe an unarmed America is a safer America. I disagree. There was a time when compromise was possible, but I’m afraid America is too divided for that now.
I’d often wondered why gun advocacy groups were so unyielding when it came to even the most reasonable gun control measures. They saw, much earlier than I did, how dedicated and dangerous most anti-gun advocates are, and had a clear vision of their end game.
When this realization hit me, I drew my own private line in the sand and said, no more. Today it’s assault rifles and 30-round clips. What will it be tomorrow? When does it stop? It doesn’t, and because of that, there are many reasonable and prudent gun control measures that will be opposed by very reasonable and prudent people.
Count me among them.