Sardis woman marks 90th birthday on Sunday

Lexie Magby Spickard will be celebrating a milestone event this Sunday: The lifetime Saline County resident will be observing her 90th birthday.
Spickard said she's grateful for every day and enjoys her life. "I don't feel 90," she said.
"It just doesn't feel like 90 years," she added. "I'm very healthy and happy, and I'm grateful to have such good health.
"I still drive," she added. " I think I'll know when to quit. I don't go very far โ€” just to church and Benton and things."
Spickard is a longtime member of Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church, which will be the setting for her birthday celebration following the morning worship service.
Spickard made some local history in 1955 when she gave birth to the first set of twins born at Saline Memorial Hospital.
Their mother noted that the twins โ€” Deborah Spickard Vance of Conway and Steven Spickard of Lake Norrell โ€” were recognized in 2005 when SMH celebrated its 50th anniversary.
"Dr. (Paul) Hogue delivered them, with some help from Dr. Thorne, and they had their picture made with Dr. Hogue at the celebration," Spickard said.
Spickard and her husband, the late Owen Spickard, had six children in all. In addition to the twins, her family includes two daughters, Maizie Walden and Judith Hulse, and a son, Richard Spickard. Another son, Tim Spickard, is deceased. She also has seven grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and a great-great-grandchild.
Spickard's daughter, Judith, resides with her.
She noted that her husband died in 2000. "He worked for the Norton Co. nearly his whole life. He had been supervisor for Orkin and Pike before he finally retired."
Owen Spickard was the author of the book "At Our House the Wolf Had Pups," a well-known publication in Saline County.
Lexie Spickard said she worked outside the home for "only about two or three years, but I was a volunteer at the Bauxite Museum for 10 years."
"I really enjoyed it," she said. "I was there when Sally Donnor and Paul Kimbrough were there, and later I had it by myself for a while when they were without a curator."
Spickard said she joined Mt. Olive Baptist Church when she was about 24. "We moved around some, but we've been there for many years now."
Spickard makes a point of keeping in close contact with family and friends.
"My two sisters and my brother and I meet for breakfast every Friday at Dan's Diner," she said.
In addition to Spickard, that quartet includes Clayton Magby, Millie Nalley and Jean Fulcher.
"We really enjoy this," she said. "They'll be there Sunday."
Spickard said she expects to see a lot of old friends at the birthday party.
"I've heard from a few people who have told me they'll be there," she said. "One man who was in my Cub Scout pack when I was a den mother called and said he would be there. I hadn't heard from him since I was a den mother."
And of course she's expecting her large family to be present.
"I hate for them to put themselves out for me with this celebration, but I'm looking forward to seeing everybody," she said.
"I really do thank my church family for doing this," she added. "I love my brothers and sisters in Christ, too."
She doesn't have any sage wisdom to impart to others hoping to achieve the longevity she's enjoyed.
"I just live life as it comes."