SCSO deputies receiving calls about unwanted solicitation

Sarah Perry
Staff Writer

Saline County Sheriff's Office deputies have received several complaints about individuals going door-to-door selling cleaning supplies.

The calls reportedly began more than a month ago.

"Whether it is phone calls to the Saline County Sheriff's Office, emails to the office or phone calls to the 911 Center, (residents) of Saline County are very concerned about these individuals going door to door," said Lt. Jeff Silk, spokesperson for the SCSO.

There are currently no county ordinances prohibiting solicitation in Saline County, so deputies cannot do anything to stop it, Silk said.

The company that is being promoted is Kleen-n-Kleen.

"There is no doubt that the product is of good quality and in no way, shape or form is the SCSO discouraging anyone from buying products from Kleen-n-Kleen," Silk said.

If residents would like to voice their opinion to the company about the door-to-door solicitations, they are encouraged to call 1-850-586-0560 or visit