Sexual misconduct alleged at Bryant school

Bryant Police Department is investigating an incident of alleged sexual misconduct involving a student and a teacher at Bryant High School.
Sgt. Todd Crowson said at press time that no arrests have been made. He noted that for now, the claims are simply allegations and said the name of the teacher accused in the incident is not being released.
"Due to the ongoing investigation in this case, we cannot at this time release any details regarding the alleged incident," Crowson said. "However, we will release further information that we can regarding this case as the investigation continues."
The Saline Courier has learned that the teacher is male and that the incident was reported to police on Dec. 1. Crowson said the alleged victim "whose name cannot be released due to being a minor" was 15 years old when the alleged incidents occurred.
The Saline Courier, as a matter of policy, never releases the names of victims of sexual abuse.
"We have full cooperation with the Bryant School District on this investigation," Crowson said. "Student safety is a high priority for the Bryant Police Department and for the school district, which is why we are doing a thorough investigation."
Jessica Bollen, director of communications for the Bryant School District, told the Courier today that "due to student and personnel privacy policies, the Bryant School District is legally unable to release any information at this time. We sincerely appreciate your understanding of our difficult position."
The school district was also unable to comment about whether the accused teacher is continuing to work or if he is suspended, with or without pay.
The Saline Courier will continue to follow this story as it develops.