Shannon Hills City Council to meet Tuesday

The City of Shannon Hills will hold its regular monthly meeting of the city council Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.
During the meeting, Treasurer Mary Meyers will present a financial report for the city. Department head reports from public works, police and fire departments will be given.
Resoution 2013-007 will be read and reviewed by the council. The resolution will state the city's support of the Southwest Trail bike path announced last week in Little Rock. The trail will follow the old Missouri Pacific railroad line between Hot Springs and Little Rock. Portions of the 62 mile path will cross through the cities of Lonsdale, Haskell, Bryant and Shannon Hills. Mayor Mike Kemp was present for the press conference announcing the trail and voiced his full support of the project and the potential development it would bring the city.
Also on the agenda is a discussion of city employee insurance, a request to transfer a city vehicle from the police department to the fire department and a discussion regarding holiday lights for the city.
The meeting will be held a Shannon Hills City Hall, located at 10401 High Road East. All council meetings are open to the public.