Threat to school written on bathroom wall

Josh Briggs
Managing Editor

Harmony Grove School District parents were notified Thursday via letter from Superintendent Daniel Henley that school officials received a possible threat to students earlier this week.

According to high school principal Chad Withers, the threat was written between two bricks on the wall of the boys bathroom.

"It said 'school shooting March 6 2:50,'" Wither said. "(Haskell Police Department) has been involved since it was discovered and they have been investigating it, but haven't found anything. We have been trying to find out who may have written it, but it is usually one of those things where we aren't going to find out unless they brag about it."

In his letter, Henley said, "Harmony Grove is dedicated to maintaining a strong partnership with parents in our effort to provide the very best education for students. As always, we take any threat to the safety of our students and faculty very seriously. We involved law enforcement immediately and it has been determined that it is safe for us to continue with the important task of teaching and learning."

Withers added while this is an extremely rare occurrence for his school, threats of this nature always have to be treated as if they are legitimate.