Three to be inducted into bowling HOF

The Central Arkansas USBC Bowling Association will be inducting three members, including one Benton resident, into their bowling Hall of Fame on May 21 at the Cajuns Wharf restaurant in Little Rock.
Wilma Laha, Danny Fuller and Benton resident Felicia Burlison will all be inducted this month.
Laha, who has been bowling for nearly 45 years, is being inducted for her service with association after serving at nearly every position, including secretary, vice president, and on the board of directors.
She was voted secretary of the year two times.
“I have done a lot of bowling,” Laha, who turns 76 this summer, said. “It is very exciting and I feel like I deserve it.”
Laha admitted she was not that good of a bowler, as her highest game was only a 248, which was back in 1983 or 1984.
“I have only bowled that once in my life,” Laha said.
One qualification for the hall of fame is meritorious service, which includes the participation as an ABC or Central Arkansas USBC Bowling Association member for at least 20 years.
All three leagues that Laha has bowled with this year has won first place. Laha said one of the things she loves being with the association is all the friends she has made through the years.
“That is the most important thing,” Laha said. “I have friends that I don’t think I would have ever met, if I hadn’t been bowling. I’m just glad I have them in my life.”
Laha has been married to Troy for 56 years and they have four kids, eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren and they currently live in Little Rock.
Danny Fuller, who currently resides in Little Rock, is being inducted based on his performance over the last 20 years.
One of the qualifications for the hall of fame is the achievements while a member of the Central Arkansas USBC Bowling Association.
“It is just an honor to be viewed by my peers as an equal,” Fuller, 57, said.
Fuller started bowling when he was really young but gave it up when he started college. He said he returned to the game about 20 years ago. In his lifetime, he has bowled 25 perfect games and 12 800 series.
“Those are two things that most people talk about the most,” Fuller said.
And although it has been a long time since he bowled his first perfect game, Fuller said he still remembers it “like it was yesterday.”
“It was an emotional victory over the pins,” Fuller said. “It is something I thought I would never be able to accomplish. When I saw that 12th ball go in the pocket and they all went down — it was an explosion of emotion.”
Fuller has been in Arkansas since 1972 after moving all around the United States as a military kid.
He has been married to Carol for 37 years and they have one son Christopher, 30. They have a grandchild named Lexi who is 19 months old and currently live in Minnesota.
At only 34, Felicia Burlison is the youngest to be inducted into the hall of fame but has been bowling since she was 5-years-old and has bowled eight perfect games.
“It means a lot. I have been bowling a long time,” said Burlison, who is a third generation bowler. “I am very competitive and every year I am striving to get better and better.
“To get recognized at such a young age and to accomplish all that, it means a lot.”
Burlison said being in the league and going out on a weekly basis to bowl is a lot of fun.
“To see your friends every week and to enjoy your time with them while bowling,” Burlison said. “It is just a good night out with your friends. I enjoy being with them and having fun.”
Burlison married Neil March 5 of this year.
“Doing what you love to do and the sport that you love to do is just a lot of fun.”