According to the Arkansas Department of Health, Alcoa Pines Health & Rehabilitation in Benton has an outbreak of COVID-19.

Currently, ADH reports show there are 20 residents active with the virus, along with 17 active staff members or health care workers. 

According to the ADH, a total of 18 staff or health care personnel have tested positive with one recovered.

The most recent reporting by ADH is from Oct. 5 concerning residents and Oct. 6 regarding staff cases.

However, messages from a resident’s family member received by The Saline Courier today, which are text alerts sent from the facility to family members of residents, show many more cases among residents in the past two weeks.

The messages state a total of 58 residents have tested positive for the virus since Sept. 22, including 22 new cases Thursday.

• Sept. 22 — 1 resident.

• Sept. 28 — 4 residents.

• Sept. 30 — 12 residents.

• Oct. 3 — 15 residents.

• Oct. 5 — 1 resident.

• Oct. 6 — 3 residents.

• Oct. 8 — 22 residents.

Also, alerts are sent regarding employees and staff who have tested positive, which add up to 15 since Sept. 28.

“It is possible for there to be a little bit of a lag as to when a positive case is confirmed versus when it is submitted to us and makes the report,” said ADH Spokesman Gavin Lesnik. “We update this nursing home report generally every week day. If there are additional cases, it probably would come in on today’s (report) or Monday’s.” 

According to www.health.usnews.com, Alcoa Pines is a medium, short-term rehabilitation facility with 120 beds for residents.

The ADH reports facilities that have had cases in the last 14 days.

Across the state, according to the ADH report.

An Alcoa Pines administrator at Alcoa Pines declined to speak on the matter at this time. 

The Saline Courier will continue to follow this as more information becomes available.

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