Knight Run

Arkansas Christian Academy elementary school teachers race on bounce balls across the gym during the kick-off pep rally for training week leading up to the Knight Run. 

Arkansas Christian Academy in Bryant kicked off its Knight Run Training week with a pep rally on Friday. 

Training leads up to the Knight Run Oct. 29 at the school's football field. 

School Counselor Jackie Barner said the school is hoping to raise $50,000. Before the kick-off event took place, parents and supporters had pledged $10,000 since online pledging became available the previous week. 

"We know we serve a big God who can bring this money in," she said. 

The funds raised through this event will be divided between athletics, technology, the band, school nursing, the PreK4 program and expanding the playground. 

The fun run event will include games, snow cones and Chick-fil-A for lunch for the students. 

Elementary students will have inflatables. Middle and high schoolers will be able to take part in an obstacle course designed by seniors. The run will be a color run for sixth through 12th graders. 

For the run, students will make 35 laps. Supporters will pledge money per lap. Parents of ACA students can share a link for friends to make their pledges online. Community members wishing to support the school can bring cash or a check to the school located at 21815 Interstate 30 in Bryant.  

Students will win prizes based on how much they raise per lap. 

This is the third year the school has put on the run. The school will do all the on-site work itself. Boosterthon, who has put on the previous runs, will handle the pledges. 

The team that has been working to put on the event is made of Barner, Parent Teacher Association President Wally Pollich, PTO Vice President David Hannah and student government members David Dunn, Gabbi Lattin and Harrison Kancai. 

"We have done well with the fundraiser in the past and the kids love it," Barner said, adding the teachers love to cheer the students on. 

ACA families will be able to come out during the day to support the students. Barner likes that this event is a chance to bring those families together. 

Barner is excited that the event has been able to unify the school. One hundred percent of students and faculty are involved in the fundraiser. 

"This has been a very team building event for the school," she said. 

It has also allowed the seniors to step up and take part in putting it on. She said the seniors helped come up with games and organized them, helped create the obstacle course, helped come up with food ideas, and help set the prizes that will be available to win.

"We are really proud of them," Barner said. 


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