During its regular monthly meeting Monday, the Bauxite Council heard an update on the process to enter the consent administration order with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and voted to promote the code enforcement officer to a part-time police officer position. 

Bauxite Mayor Eddie Jones told the council that he was informed that in order to have the fine from ADEQ reduced from $8,000 to $4,000, he needs to write a letter to the director of ADEQ making that request. He said all the other paperwork has been submitted and that the city will be able to pay the fine over time once it is officially assessed. 

A member of the audience asked about Bauxite's issues with the sewer. Jones said the sewer plant had been neglected for a very long time. At the moment, the biggest issue is getting the alkalinity correct, but with the help of some experts they are on the correct path. 

"It is a long process to get things back the way they should be," Jones said. 

He told the council and audience that workers from Fluidyne, the ones who installed the plant in 2003, are scheduled to come to Bauxite and help work on the plant for a few days. 

Bauxite Police Chief Jamie Barlow told the council that when Bill Shryock was hired for the code enforcement department he would have no police powers or be able to carry a gun. Barlow had to write tickets for him. Shryock has now completed the required education and Barlow asked the council to allow him to move Shyrock to a part-time police officer position. His salary would come out of the police department budget. The change was approved. 

Barlow also told the council the department is in the process of purchasing a 2014 Dodge Charge from Saline County for $1,500. He has $500 in donation toward the purchase. He asked the council for permission to sell the 2008 Dodge Charger the department has. He believes he can get $3,500 for it. The council approved the sale. 

He let the council know a Level 2 sex offender has moved into Bauxite on Virginia Avenue. The council asked if there were any others. Barlow said none that are registered, but a Level 2 offender is living on South Alexander and is not in legal compliance. He said he has a felony warrant for the individual's arrest. 

He asked the council to pass a resolution establishing a work period and overtime threshold for officers. He needs the resolution to apply for a Selective Traffic Enforcement Grant. 

Barlow is applying for $50,000 which will be used toward overtime pay for full-time officers. He also requested to purchase radars and 15 child safety seats for those who need them in Bauxite. 

The resolution was approved. 

Bauxite Fire Chief Craig Hicks was unable to attend, but Jones told the council the new fire truck has its decals, the equipment has been moved over and it is in service. The old truck has been put up for sale for $10,000. Hicks has two offers for $7,500. 

"It is still a good truck," Jones said. 

Jones also reported for Street Supervisor Mitchell Elder who was ill. Jones said the department is working to patch streets. 

In the Water Department report, Jones said City Engineer Jeremy Stone is working to submit paperwork to have the old water meters replaced. 

Jones said he has also sent in paperwork to Entergy Arkansas to have more street lights placed in Bauxite. He is planning to meet with a representative to go over where they are needed. 

Alderman Ron Parsons was absent from the meeting. 

The Bauxite Council meets the third Monday of the month. Meetings are open to the public and attendance is encouraged. 

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