Hope for One is holding a back-to-school benefit to support a local boy fighting a rare tumor and his family. 

The benefit will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. Aug. 17, at the Bauxite Historical Association Museum, located at 6707 Benton Rd. in Bauxite. 

Allysa Hohn, mother of 5-year-old Lathaan Hohn, decided to create Hope for One to not only help her family, but to help families like hers in the future who are facing the financial burdens of their children's illness on top of dealing with all the emotion and difficulty of the illness. 

The event will be free to attend, but games, activities and food will have a cost. For the games and activities, attendees can pay $1 per ticket or $20 for a wristband. Donations will also be accepted for the family at the event. 

Hohn said three months before Lathaan's fifth birthday a tumor was found around his spine made of vascular material that both hugs and goes through the spine. When it was first found the doctors thought it could be cancer. It is affecting all his major organs and making it difficult for him to breath. 

They traveled to Arkansas Children's Hospital along with several other facilities trying to figure out what the tumor is. None of the doctors could tell them what is wrong. 

Finally, they went to the Mayo Clinic. The doctors believe it is a rare tumor known as KHE, which only has 300 known cases to date. A biopsy showed it is similar to KHE, but not exactly the same so they believe it is a new branch and Lathaan may be the first diagnosed. 

Now he and his family are having to travel each month to the Mayo Clinic and Boston Children's Hospital. 

When Hohn shared her story via Instagram, she said she connected with many other families facing the same struggles as hers, dealing with the financial burden of travel for treatment on top of the illness. 

So she decided to start Hope for One to eventually help many families like hers. 

This first benefit will be for Lathaan but she plans more in the future for other families. 

The event will include inflatables, a bounce castle, slide and a foam party with dancing and music. There will be Hanson's Balloon Art and face painting from the Warner family.

Southern Gentlemen Catering Company will be selling barbecue and Polar Freeze Shaved Ice will sell snow cones. Kal & Co. Designs will have bakery items including cupcakes and cookies. Members of the Bauxite community will have a concessions stand with hamburgers and hot dogs for sale. 

Three musicians are set to perform during the event. Hohn said Jon Atchison performs acoustic music, Brad Byrd does pop and rock, and Nathan Perry performs country. 

During the event there will be a raffle for several items, including a three-month voucher and tank top from Full Out Barre, a one-month class voucher and uniform from Karate for Christ, one month of classes from Doxa Arts Academy, $250 gift cards from Team Clean Car Wash, summer door hangers from Studio 17:20, a father-son haircut package from The Shop, $25 gift certificate from Eat My Catfish, a family session of choice from Carissa Groves Photography and one Parker Bushwhacker crossbow package with 3X illuminated MR scope X306-IR. 

Tickets for the raffle are $1 or $5 depending on the item a person wants to put their ticket toward. For items valued under $50, tickets are $1. For items valued over $50, tickets are $5. Each item will have a basket to collect tickets. 

Hohn said she is "incredibly blessed" by the people who have come alongside her to make the benefit happen. She said they are making a huge difference in her family's lives. 

She encourages the community to come out to the event and have fun. 

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