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The city of Benton has canceled its first celebration of Mardi Gras — “Mardi Gras at the Market.”

The festivities were set for 10 a.m. Saturday, at the City of Benton Farmers Market.

According to Lea Canady, the director of marketing and special Events for the city, the event has been canceled due to the inclement weather that has plagued the city throughout the week.

“Benton has never done a Mardi Gras event before,” Canady said of the original plans. “We were looking at other cities in Arkansas and surrounding states who have some kind of event and we decided we should do one in Benton. This year we decided to have a smaller event and hopefully future years we can grow this event bigger. With this event, we decided to focus on Downtown, but we are looking forward to having events all around the town of Benton soon.”

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