Keith Brooks has been declared the winner of the GOP primary election for the District 31 seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

The Saline County Election Commission and the Pulaski County Election Commission have certified the results from the March 3 primary and judicial election.

In the wake of initially losing the election by 27 votes, Bryant Alderman RJ Hawk requested a recount.

"With the recount complete I want to congratulate Keith Brooks on his victory," Hawk said in a social media post Friday evening. "He ran a hard race and I congratulate him on the win. Throughout the campaign and recount process I’ve grown to respect him and I wish him the best. I will work in the fall to support his campaign in any way possible."

Totals from election day had Brooks winning the race, but Hawk requested a recount due to the small margin of votes between the candidates.

Hawk also thanked the election commissions along with voters and his supporters for their work during the campaign and in the recount process.

"Your work was amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart," Hawk said.

After thanking his wife Brianna, Hawk also pledged to continue to serve residents of Bryant in his city government role.

"I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Bryant as Ward 2 Position 1 city councilman," Hawk said.