City of Bryant

Bryant Animal Control is asking for the public's help in locating a dog that bit a small child on Memorial Day.

According to the city of Bryant, the child was bitten at approximately noon in Mills Park.

The dog, described as a "German Shepherd type" is mostly black in color and was being walked on a leash by an older couple. A second dog, described as a "Chihuahua type" was also on a leash when the child approached.

The larger dog bit the child causing injuries to the face. Both dogs were reportedly wearing tags, but no information was obtained by the child's parent at the time of the incident. The child was taken for immediate emergency treatment.

Anyone with information on the incident is encouraged to contact Bryant Animal Control at 501-943-0489. Messages may be left 24 hours a day. The dog in question must be located so that the child can avoid having to undergo the rabies series of post-exposure vaccinations.