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During its monthly school board meeting, the Bryant School board voted to deed one acre of land to the city of Bryant.

Superintendent Dr. Karen Walters brought the proposal to the board to deed one acre in front of the Bryant Junior High School along Reynolds Road to the city for use by the Bryant Fire Department.

"In 2017, the city of Bryant purchased four acres of land, at $45,000 an acre, from the district to build a fire station on Junior High property. When the land was purchased, there was a clause that the city would have the option to purchase and additional acre for the same price within five years," the summary for the proposal reads.

During the July 2019 board meeting, the district deeded property around Ashley Park to the city. At that time, Walters talked to Mayor Allen Scott who agreed the district would not be responsible for $100,000 toward a round-a-bout at the intersection of Hilldale, Parkway and Hilltop that had originally been agreed on.

Due to not having to make the payment, Walters believes the district should deed that final acre to the city for the Hill Farm Fire Station. She added she doesn't believe the school would ever use that acre, but the fire station can use it to add on to its training facility.

Walters said she does have it in writing that the school won't pay the $100,000 and both Scott and Bryant City Attorney Josh Farmer looked over the wording of this proposal and approved it.

The board approved the proposal with Board Secretary Danny Chism abstaining from the vote.

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Todd Sellers presented a proposal to increase meal prices for all students by 15 cents. adult lunch prices by 25 cents and adult breakfast prices by 40 cents.

Sellers said there was a mandate by the Arkansas Department of Education requiring a 10 cent increase for student prices. The District chose the 15 cent increase to avoid having to come back and ask for another increase the next year. The increases are meant to help cover the food, labor and other costs.

The motion was approved.

Jeremy Lasiter, chair of the Classified Personnel Policies Committee, presented a proposal for a policy revision for classified employee sick leave. The revision will bring the policy in line with the School Employees' Minimum Sick Leave Law, which allows a classified employee to become eligible for sick leave if they work at least 20 hours a week. The current policy is 25 hours.

The board approved the change.

Director of Technology Jeremy Cunningham brought several technology proposals to the board including an E-rate application, student and teacher device purchases and purchase of an update time clock system.

The new time clock system is web-based and will permit employees who use it to clock in anywhere on campus.

Walters said she is excited because it will allow all district employees to make or change leave requests through the time clock app, replacing the previous paper based system.

"(The paper system) is not very efficient for a district this size," Walters said.

All the technology proposals were approved.

During the recognition portion, the board recognized Head Choral Director Tanner Oglesby as Teacher of the Year, Paraprofessional Carly Covert as Classified Employee of the year and thanked outgoing Board President Sandra Porter for her service.

Chism announced his resignation from the board effective July 1.

The board also:

• Heard April financial reports.

• Approved preliminary special education budget applications, assurances and agreements.

• Approved the preliminary federal budget.

• Approved the resolution for school closure due to COVID-19. Walters said the district chose to wait to pass the resolution, which allows the school to pay employees their contracted amount even if a reduced schedule is actually worked, until closer to the end of the year to be sure there would be no more changes.

• Heard project updates.

• Heard Walter's report including to not make changes to the strategic plan, information on the CARES Act, information on fall planning, information on PPE expenditures, graduation plans and information on facilities partnership funding.

The board plans to hold a socially distanced workshop in June 1.

Information on the personnel items will be in an upcoming edition of The Saline Courier.

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