With the increased interest in cannabidiol products, better known as CBD, a new store has opened in Benton to meet local demand. 

Your CBD Store has been opened at 19121 Interstate 30 S. in Benton, specializing in SunMed products from SunFlora. 

"I wanted to do something to help the community," said Owner Rusty Roberts.

Rusty Roberts

Roberts emphasized he personally does not make any claims about what CBD can do because it is not regulated by the FDA. He only can share what his customers use it for, but he said they keep coming back and tell him it worked for them. 

Roberts CBD comes from the hemp plant, not marijuana. He said hemp contains less tetrahydrocannabinol — THC — than marijuana. 

This store is one of three Roberts owns. The other two are in Sherwood and Park Plaza Mall. 

He said everyone who has come into the store has been positive and curious. They often take information with them and many come back. 

"I am not here to push sales," he said. "I am here to educate."

His customers tell him they use it for anxiety, stress, back pain and even sensory issues. While he does not make a claim about how well they work, he does have those same customers come back to purchase more. 

Roberts said CBD is not used to get high. Some customers may have to use products several times before they even feel the effects on what they are using it for. 

At the Sherwood store, Roberts noticed he had many customers driving from the area around Benton to purchase products. He knew Benton needed this store. 

Roberts chooses to sell SunMed products because he said they are high quality. He had the option of selling under his own label from a large manufacturer, but he likes SunMed. 

Because it is not regulated by the FDA, Roberts said customers using other labels cannot always be sure of what they are getting. Many of those use CBD isolates, which is just CBD and an oil. SunMed uses a full and broad spectrum, including several cannabanoids, including CBG, which he said is supposed to be good for inflammation. 

He added, because it is unregulated, customers cannot always be sure what the label says on CBD products bought at places such as gas stations really contain what they claim. 

Dr. Anthony Ferrari is the doctor behind SunMed, which is under SunFlora, owned by Marcus Quinn. 

Roberts said SunMed is working on clinical studies on CBD. 

At Your CBD Store, Roberts offers a variety of products, including candies, gummies, tinctures, oil, pain creams, CBD vaping products, honey sticks and even CBD products for pets. He also has facial cream and day and night moisturizers. 

His strongest products are his bath bombs, which include essential oils. 

The products range from as little as $10 to as much as $300, depending on a customer's need. He tries to work with each to ensure they get the dosage they want. He has people start with a low dosage because he worries if they start too high they will miss their optimal level. 

He wants customers to know CBD is not like an opioid pill. 

In order to shop in the store, customers must be 18 or older. 

Roberts said there are legal issues with the store because he is selling CBD, not marijuana. His only real hurdle was getting a bank that would work with him. He sat down with the vice president and owner of the bank he uses in order to be able use it for his business accounts. 

Roberts encourages people to stop by and check out the shop. He is happy to answer any questions. He even offers free samples. 

"If they have got questions, let me educate them," he said. 

The shop is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sunday. 

It can be found online at www.bentonar.cbdrx4u.com

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