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The Saline County Quorum Court, during a regular meeting Monday, unanimously approved a resolution declaring the county a pro-life county as a crowd of people listened in the audience. 

Six residents voiced their opinions during the meeting, including one person who spoke against the resolution and five people who spoke in favor of it. 

Following the public comments, two members of the court also made statements. 

“Through modern science we have proven, through DNA technology and ultrasound technology, that the fetus is a living human individual and from the standpoint of our Constitution, the most important role of government is to protect the citizens, both born and unborn,” said Justice of the Peace Jim Whitley. 

The resolution’s sponsor JP David Gibson also addressed the crowd saying that he sponsored the resolution at the request of individuals in the community. 

“This was not my idea… I just want to brag on you guys. Y’all are the ones who stood up. Y’all are the ones who brought it to me,” he said. “Thank you all." 

After the resolution was approved, majority of the crowd gave a standing ovation and cheered before leaving the courtroom. 

More information about comments made during the meeting are available in the Sept. 21 edition of The Saline Courier.