Game of Tomes: Book tournament held at Ringgold Elementary

Sandra Newman’s third-grade class at Ringgold Elementary won the first ever Tournament of Books. In addition to winning the quiz bowl portion of the the tournament, the class also read more books than any other third-grade class at Ringgold.

It was homeroom vs. homeroom for Ringgold Elementary third-graders for the first Tournament of Books competition.

“This tournament has helped our students read more,” said Ringgold Elementary Media Specialist Ima Greer. “The students had access to the 10 books on the list. They also had audio books for each book and used an app called Learning Ally to access eBooks. The variety of access allowed students of all reading levels to have a fair chance to read all books.”

Greer said the purpose for the tournament was to promote reading and to motivate the students to transition from reading picture books to reading chapter books.

Students were given the reading lists in October and had until May to complete the books. The tournament took place May 10.

“Ringgold third-grade students read and passed quizzes on 600 books altogether,” said Jill Byrd, Ringgold literacy interventionist. “The students then competed in a quiz bowl-type competition to see who would become our first homeroom champion."

Once a student read one of the 10 books on the list, he or she would then take a quiz about the subject. After passing the quiz, they would get a basketball place on the wall and a charm for their bracelet.

“There was a running total of books read for each homeroom, which determined whose homeroom read the most books,” Greer said. “Finally, there was a tournament, which was set up like a quiz bowl. The homeroom that answered the most questions correctly about the books won the tournament.”

First place went to Sandra Newman’s homeroom class. Her class also read the most books.

“Mrs. (Jennifer) White's homeroom came in second during the tournament,” Greer said. “Mrs. Newman's homeroom read one more than Mrs. (April) Sheridan's homeroom and read two more than Mrs. (Victoria) Mercing's homeroom. It was a very close competition.”

Greer added that students that read all 10 of the chapter books received a “Reading Superstar” award.

The 11 students who received the award include:

•Lynley Phifer

•Sam Sewell

•Angel Diaz-Perez

•Stella Stewart

•Aiden Peterson

•Natalya Burton

•Easton Newman

•Fernanda Garcia

•Jayla Brewer

•Isabelle Milks

•Aiyah Miller

Byrd said that Greer and all of the third-grade students and teachers worked hard all year on the tournament.

The tournament was such a success that Greer said they would be having a new tournament for the 2019-20 school year.

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