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Saline County Judge Jeff Arey has extended limited access to the Saline County Courthouse and other county facilities until April 20.

Arey issued a press release on Sunday outlining the limited access, as well as, providing information on how to contact county officials and offices during the limited access period should residents have county business. The county first began limited access on March 18 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“[F]or the same reasons Governor (Asa) Hutchinson closed schools until April 20, we are continuing our cautionary measures (limiting access) in hopes that the citizens of Saline County will conduct business by phone, email or online,” Arey said in his statement. “These measures will aid in preventing the virus from spreading.”

In addition to the courthouse, other limited access buildings include the courthouse complex and all other county offices. Only county employees, court employees and elected officials having offices in or conducting business in the respective buildings and those individuals authorized by the respective offices are allowed in the buildings.

Residents are instructed to complete all county business digitally, by phone, e-mail or online if possible. Those who cannot conduct business in one of those way should first contact the office and schedule a meeting with the county office they need. Business that is not time sensitive should be postponed until April 20.

To contact a county office for an appointment, Arey has provided residents with the following contact numbers:

County Judge - 501-303-5640

County Clerk - 501-303-5630

Circuit Clerk - 501-303-5615

Circuit Clerk - Jury - 501-303-1570

Circuit Clerk - Child Support - 501-303-5669

Assessor - 501-303-5622

Tax Collector - 501-303-5620

Treasurer - 501-303-5633

Public Defender - 501-303-5688

Circuit Court - Division 1     - 501-303-5635

Circuit Court - Division 2     - 501-303-5664

Circuit Court - Division 3     - 501-303-5628

Circuit Court - Division 4     - 501-303-1584

District Court - 501-303-5670

Juvenile Officers    - 501-303-5730

Prosecuting Attorney - 501-315-7767

Road Department - 501-303-5690

Coroner - 501-303-1559

Sheriff - General - 501-303-5609

Sheriff - CID - 501-303-5608

Sheriff - Domestic Violence - 501-303-5716

Sheriff - Detention - 501-303-5642

Sheriff - Warrants - 501-303-5644

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