Cheap Enuff Owner

Cheap Enuff Owner Alan Crook sits on one of the selection of mattresses now available in the variety store on Edison. 

Both the name and the newest featured products honor the father of the owner of Cheap Enuff, located at 204 Edison Ave. in Benton. 

Alan Crook describes Cheap Enuff as a variety store. 

For almost 25 years, his father ran the Mattress Gallery out of the same location. Crook has been adding mattresses to his offerings. He said it is like having a little Mattress Gallery in his 5,500-square-foot shop. He is pleased to have customers come in and buy mattresses that bought from his father when he had the gallery. 

When Crook was a child, his father would buy, sale and trade items. When he was buying or selling he'd say, "That's cheap enough, right?"

Crook wanted to make it more southern and catchy so he chose to change the spelling to "enuff." 

The goal at the store is for customers to be able to buy typically high-priced items at low prices, Crook said. He has shoes that are marked at $120 he may sell for $10 or $20. He offers mattresses that may typically sell for $2,000 available for $300. The shop has a wide variety of toys for $5 as well. 

"I am able to make great deals," he said.

Crook added that these are not used items, though he does have some used vintage items such as dishes and books, but brand new, still in the package products. 

He does this by purchasing closeouts, clearances and liquidations. Many of his few used items come from estate sales. He also offers good, cheap used furniture, which he said is hard for many customers to find elsewhere. 

Crook said he has a wide selection of shoes in different styles and sizes. 

Before he opened his store, Crook spent 20 years as an auctioneer and spent time as a teacher. While he doesn't sell returns now, he did as an auctioneer, which he said at the time was unheard of. 

"I never dreamed in my life I would be selling women's shoes," he said, adding it was a good deal and everyone needs shoes. 

He likes to sell name brand items at low prices. 

He said he understands his customers work hard for their money and cannot always afford the high-end products at stores. So he is glad to be able to offer them more affordably in his. He has customers tell him all the time they couldn't afford these items anywhere else. 

The store is run by Crook and his wife, Courtney. Sometimes, their four children pitch in. 

Crook loves where the store is located, except the parking. 

"I think I have got the best location in Benton," he said. 

He has thousands of cars drive past every single day. 

All his products are sold as is. He also sells many items on eBay and is able to whole sale items to those with flea market booths. 

Because Crook has many regular customers, he feels he always has to try to turn over products so his customers see new items when they come in. To do that he lowers the price on anything that he has had for very long. 

"People don't come to these shops if they are not rolling over inventory," he said. 

He also likes to turn over items quickly so he can make room for the latest deal he has brought in. 

"I buy name brand stuff and sell it cheaper than anybody," Crook said. 

Cheap Enuff is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. 

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