Cruise Winners

Brother and sister Carson, 6, and Brianna, 11, show off their awards and the prize package they received for earning the highest number of points out of all participants across four states in HealthCare Express's Klondike Leadership Academy.  


One local family will be taking a Disney cruise thanks to their children's hard work and Klondike Leadership Academy. 

Brianna Moore, 11, and Carson Moore, 6, were surprised with the news that they had won out of the hundreds of children across four states taking part in Klondike Leadership Academy, put on by HealthCare Express. 

"Their goal was to win the cruise," said Sarah Heer, community educator for HealthCare Express. 

The siblings earned the highest number of points during the year-long academy which won them the cruise. 

Heer said this year's academy, which began in June 2018, used "Seven Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" by Stephen Covey. The program is for students in kindergarten through fifth grade to teach them about leadership. The book was broken down into to tasks the children who participate perform, such as creating a vision board and meeting someone who holds the job they want to pursue. 

Heer said one of the participants wants to be a snow cone operator so the academy brought in Kona Ice so he could meet the operator and check out the truck. 

"We believe in not just taking care of the body, but the person," Heer said, explaining why HealthCare Express holds this academy each year. "We want to ensure the growth of the kid and the parent."

During the summer, the academy met weekly. During the school year, Heer would check in with the parents and teachers of the participants monthly to collect each participant's points. 

There were activities through the year such as a food drive, fundraiser and parties. 

Heer said the students earned points by completing tasks. She added this gave parents an incentive to use to get them to do things like reading and completing chores, both of which earn points. 

Brianna earned 13,000 points and Carson earned 14,000. 

Heer surprised them during the Klondike Leadership Academy VIP Night, which was the end of the program, at Urban Air with a box filled with red balloons and items they can use on their trip. 

There also was an awards ceremony for the other participants who received trophies for their efforts. 

Heer appreciates the staff at Urban Air. She said they helped to make the VIP Night a success. 

The Moores are homeschooled and worked with their mother toward the goal. 

Each of the student's who win each year get to take one parent on the cruise. Since this year's winners are siblings, they are able to take both. Heer believes the winners receive a budget and decide which cruise to take. 

Heer said the Academy benefits students because it teaches them responsibility. 

"They learn leadership," she said. "They discover who they are and who they are growing in to."

The next academy is scheduled to start in September. Heer said it will be a different program. Each year's academy builds on the previous year so children who have already attended still get something out of signing up again, though Brianna and Carson will not be eligible to win the cruise if they continue in the program. 

"I think it is an amazing program," Heer said. 

She enjoyed seeing the children in the program work hard toward their goal. She was proud to work with them. 

Heer said parents can watch the HealtchCare Express - Bryant Facebook page for announcements regarding the next academy and when they can sign up their children. 

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