MedFlight is onsite at Bryant High School as part of the school’s Sports Medicine Program.

“On Friday, April 30, Bryant's Sports Medicine instructor, Jessica Wilson, has been granted permission and arranged for MedFlight from Baptist Health to land at Bryant High School to allow SM2 and and select SM1 students to experience the landing, take-off, and tour of their medical helicopter,” the district said.

The district wanted local residents to be aware of the visit so as to not alarm those with students on campus.

“MedFlight will land on the band parking lot during 3rd period and provide a brief presentation of the inner workings of their aircraft and field any questions the students may have,” the district said. “MedFlight Air Ambulance provides emergency medical transport to critically injured patients around Central Arkansas.”

According to the district, during the course of the Sports Medicine program at BHS, students learn about evaluation and treatment of a variety of injuries including those that are life threatening and may require emergency transportation. While learning about those injuries they are trained on techniques such as placing a patient on a spine board in order to stabilize and prevent any further spinal injury. They are also certified in CPR and AED usage. This experience will help bring those scenarios to life.

“We believe this will be a fantastic experience for our Sports Medicine students,” the district said. “We realize that not all of our SM students will pursue a career in Athletic Training, but these classes give them a basic foundation for other medical careers. In particular, the MedFlight landing will give these students a glimpse into the careers of a flight physician, flight nurse, or even an air ambulance pilot. It is also relevant for those students who do pursue athletic training and may eventually work in a rural community. Their working familiarity of MedFlight will be of great importance.”