According Saline County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Lt. Joe Traylor, the mother of Louie Schneider, a terminally ill Saline County boy, is currently under investigation.

Traylor could only confirm that Kristy Schneider is under investigation. No charges have been filed.

According to a search and seizure warrant, officials were looking for a 4x4 plywood box, concealed electronic communication devices, digital storage devices, handwritten journals and a camera recording system with its accompanying data.

The search warrant was executed on Thursday at the Schneider home in Alexander.

No other information is currently available.

Louie is well-known across the state for his brave fight against a myriad of health issues. The Saline Courier has documented Louie’s challenges in several stories over the past year.

In March, Louie took what everyone thought would be his last trip home from Arkansas Children’s Hospital accompanied by over 100 first responders. He was not expected to live much longer, but defied the odds with his continued survival.

The Saline Courier will continue to follow this story and update it as more information becomes available.