Benton Mayor Tom Farmer and City Attorney Brent Houston hand over the keys to the historic Palace Theatre to new owner Shawn Hipskind. While the specifics of what the building will become are still in the works, Hipskind hopes to turn the building into a downtown destination that will bring more people to the area.

Progress on the renovation of the historic Palace Theatre is moving at a faster pace than owner Shawn Hipskind planned.

“I thought demo would take me about a month and a half,” Hipskind said. “We are already done demoing and we’ve started construction on the inside and we’re just two and a half weeks into the project.”

Hipskind said the second floor is already complete and that they are in the process of framing walls for apartments that will be located above the business portion of the building.

For more details on the project, including what will be housed on the each floor of the building, see Sunday’s edition of The Saline Courier.

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