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The recount for the GOP primary District 31 seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives has been scheduled for Thursday morning.

In the wake of losing the election by 27 votes, Bryant Alderman RJ Hawk requested the recount.

“Today, I have begun the process of launching a recount in my race for the Republican nomination for State Representative,” Hawk said in a statement March 4. “The democratic process is something I know we all hold sacred here in Arkansas and I know we all want fair and accurate elections."

The Saline County recount was originally scheduled Tuesday, but was postponed by the Saline County Election Commission due to some confusion on the process.

“There was an official recount scheduled for (Tuesday), but did not happen because the methodology of recounting and how (the commission) were going to recount these ballots,” said Saline County Attorney Clay Ford. “After they scheduled the recount, we were notified that the methodology may not meet statutory requirements and therefore we are going to have to use another way to recount."

The recount will begin at 9 a.m. and include all ballots in Saline County, such as absentee and early votes.

Secretary of State John Thurston is expected to attend the recount along with Hawk and his opponent in the race, Keith Brooks.

In the Tuesday meeting of the election commission, Ford told the group that no matter how the results of Thursday’s recount are, he expects that the race will end up in litigation.

“Although I would like to believe that this will not be litigious in nature, I assume that this will probably end in litigation,” Ford said.

A candidate may only request one recount. Should the recount result in Hawk being declared the winner, Arkansas law does provide the option for Brooks to also call for a recount of those results.

House District 31 includes portions of both Saline and Pulaski counties. The recount of the Pulaski County votes is expected to take place Friday.