The Saline County Sheriff’s Office is sharing the story of one local resident who is grateful for the help she and her family received from Sgt. Mike Bowden.

“In today’s society law enforcement officers are called names that I will not repeat…,”said Saline County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Ron Parsons. “I have been a law enforcement officer for many years and have seen a big change in society and how deputies and officers are treated while they work to keep the public safe. The public, for the most part, will tell you thank you for your service. Believe me, we do appreciate hearing this. We don’t do this job for the money. We work nights, weekend, holidays, in the rain, in the snow and heat. All we want is to make a difference in somebody’s life.”

Parsons shared that Bowden was recently contacted by a local resident who wanted to share her story of Bowden’s help in a time of crisis and how grateful she and her family were for his help.

“After I read this letter that was sent to Sgt. Bowden, I realized he had really made a difference in this family’s lives,” Parsons said. “I want people to realize law enforcement officers are human. We have and will make mistakes. Please realize the that 99.9 percent of law enforcement officers only want to keep the public safe and make a difference.”

Bowden was contacted by a local resident named Amber, who was looking to contact the law enforcement personnel who aided her and her family two years ago this week and thank them for their help. Bowden and another SCSO law enforcement agent responded to the call.

“I knew I'd always want to reach out to you, but I wasn’t sure how,” Amber said. “Two years ago this week, my mom had a brain aneurysm. You got a call because she was refusing aid from the paramedics and trying to hit and bite them. They left her there while her brain was bleeding and she was dying. You came and you met me in the front of my yard. I was crying so hard I couldn’t talk or breathe and you hugged me and asked what was going on.”

Amber said that her brother was also on the scene and had become angry at the paramedics for “the way they were trying to forcefully take my mom.”

Due to her condition, Amber’s mother was in a confused state and had refused to get up or let anyone touch her because she had no concept of reality at the time.

“You calmed me and then you went to shake my brother’s hand to show him you were there to help,” Amber said. “You took your time with her and after 30 minutes of her going in and out of consciousness and not allowing anyone to touch her or help her, you finally got her to realize she wasn’t ok and she needed to get in my car and let me take her to the hospital. We had no idea at that point what was wrong with her. It was worse than any of us could have imagined.”

Amber said that once her mother received medical care, she had to have seven coils put in and was in the ICU for 21 days. She stayed with her mother to support her and would “constantly remind her that I needed her to pull through (and) that I would have a baby one day and I wanted her to be there when I did.”

Amber’s mother had a full recovery and Amber is now a mother herself of a two-month old baby girl.

“She has her Mimi here on this earth thanks to you, my angel cop that I've told many people about,” Amber said. “I’ve always wanted to tell you thank you. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for literally saving my mom’s life. God bless you.”