School Supplies

The 2019-20 school year is right around the corner. Supply lists for each school district in Saline County are available here. 

Bauxite School District

Bauxite School District

Pine Haven Elementary School

Bauxite Middle School


Bauxite High School 

Supplies needed vary based on course. A list of course with required supplies are included here: 

Benton School Crest Logo


Benton School District


Bryant School District logo

Bryant School District

Bryant Elementary Schools

Bryant Elementary and Salem Elementary’s supplies will be supplied by their PTO.

Bryant Middle School, Bethel Middle School, Bryant Junior High School, and Bryant High School supplies vary with each course, so secondary schools supply lists are not posted in advance. Teachers will provide students with additional information on the first day of school.

Harmony Grove Logo


Harmony Grove School District

Harmony Grove High School: Supplies for high school students vary with each course. Syllabi for classes are available at


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