Residents without water for 3 weeks due to leak

Josh Briggs
Managing Editor

Residents in a Benton neighborhood had water service restored Thursday after a leak at an abandoned mobile home caused the residents to be without water for weeks.

Andrea Smith, of Silica Heights, said about 300 people in her area have not been able to use their water in their homes for approximately three weeks.

More than 15 complaints about the issue were submitted to Benton Utilities, Smith said.

Crews have responded to the homes, but were unable to solve the problems.

Thursday, a workers found that an abandoned mobile home in the area had a water leak causing residents to have very low pressure, according to David Vondran, Benton Utilities general manager.

He believes the leak was caused by a pipe that froze and burst. He is unsure when the leak began, however.

Because there is a large number of homes tied into the same water line, the low pressure caused residents to be without water.

When the crew turned off the water at the mobile home and removed the water meter, “everyone’s pressure on that line went up,” Vondran said.

Even though the water pressure was low for weeks, the pressure of the water never went below state minimum, Vondran added.

In the future, the current water line in the neighborhood needs to be replaced with a larger pipe to prevent this issue from happening again, he said.