When the owner of K-9 Splash and Dash relocated to be closer to her family, she and her husband wanted a career that would allow them to use their love of dogs. 

So in 2007, Kim Jenkins and the late Michael Greene opened the business which offers grooming, self- and full-service dog bathing, daycare and boarding in Bryant. 

It was first located in the shopping center near Goodwill before it moved to its current location at 5311 Arkansas 5 N. Suite 200. 

Splash and Dash boasts 42,000 square feet of space which allows for a totally indoor play area for boarders and daycare pets. 

"It gives us an advantage," Jenkins said. "We deal with dogs of all sizes and all coats."

Instead of sending dogs out in the heat or cold to play, they spend their time in a climate controlled building. 

Dog owners can choose from a variety of services for their pet. 

They offer both full-service and self-service bathing. For self-service, owners can bring in any size dog and use the waist high tubs, which Jenkins said makes it easier on owners' backs and knees. Steps allow the dogs to walk into the tubs on their own. 

Each bath, full- or self-service, includes free nail clippings and ear cleanings. 

Self-service bathing can be done whenever Splash and Dash is open. Full-service bathing is by appointment. 

When Splash and Dash does full-service washes, the staff hand dries each dog. Jenkins said they do not use drying crates because she does not believe they are safe for the dog. 

Grooming is also available. Jenkins has 10 years grooming experience. She also employs Becky Burch as a groomer who has 35 years grooming experience. She has hired one experienced groomer and is seeking another because the business is growing. 

Jenkins said Splash and Dash can groom all breeds. 

Splash and Dash can board up to 90 dogs at a time and has kennels large enough that multiple same-family dogs can be kenneled together, up two to three large dogs or several small dogs. 

"We try to make the environment as much like home as it can be," she said. 

There is also a separate area for older or shier dogs. 

Another way they accommodate older dogs and those with medical needs is Splash and Dash has trained staff that can administer medications at no extra charge. Owners must bring in medications with instructions on how and when to give. 

All boarded dogs are walked three times a day during their stay. If a dog is friendly with other dogs, during boarding it will be able to join the daycare group for socialization and interaction. 

Dogs staying five nights or longer will receive a free bath during their stay. 

In the event of a medical emergency, the staff tries to get pets in with their regular veterinarian. If that is not possible, there are several local vets they work with to ensure pets are safe and healthy. 

Splash and Dash is open from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday to make it easier for owners to pick their pets up when they return from a trip. 

Jenkins wants pet owners who need boarding to remember holidays and popular vacation times do fill up quickly. 

Concerned owners can request text message update and pictures and call to check-in. 

Jenkins welcomes pet owners to stop by for a tour of the facility. 

Daycare offers full-day and half-day options so owners do not have to leave their pets home alone all day. They get socialized and owners avoid concerns about coming home to things destroyed. 

Before any dog starts daycare, they are given a temperament evaluation to see where they best fit in the daycare. Dogs are divided based on temperament and size, though a small dog that prefers the company of larger dogs will be put with bigger dogs. 

During boarding and daycare, the staff spends much of the time playing with the dogs and showing them love. 

"We have an excellent staff who loves dogs," Jenkins said. 

She employs five full-time staff members and seven part-time. She gets many younger people who are interested in one day being veterinarians or vet techs and this job helps them figure out if it is a good fit. Like those jobs, their role at Splash and Dash is more than just playing with dogs all day, though they do get to do that also. She said a big part of the job is cleaning up after the dogs. For the safety of the animals they care for, cleanliness is important. 

Jenkins said all her staff are very caring. 

For the safety of all dogs, any dog who uses Splash and Dash services must have its rabies, parvo/distemper, kennel cough and dog flu vaccinations. 

Splash and Dash gives back to the community by partnering with local rescue groups. They foster some dogs until they are ready to move on. Anyone who adopts a rescue can get a free self service bath within 30 days of the rescue date. 

K-9 Splash and Dash is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.

It can be reached at 501-847-7336.

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